Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why I LOVE where we live..........

I love that my family and I can take a drive a see nature like this

and that people trust you so much that they will leave a gorgeous item like this

outside for you to pick up and trust that you'll mail the payment to them at a later date! That's exactly what we did yesterday. I found this lovely piece on Craig's List and we took a road trip to a small community to pick it up and bring it home! I had been searching for the perfect piece for a client and I hope this is just what she was envisioning.  It needs a little TLC, as does most furniture of this age, but it is in great shape overall.  

As a history buff, I love when a piece of furniture alludes to it's past.  I love the little glimpses of it's previous owner.

Who was R.I. Olson? Was this a piece of furniture that was being shipped across country, or the ocean to his or her new home in Drayton, North Dakota?  I suppose we'll probably never know.  What this shows to me, however, it that this piece was valued by it's owner. He or She valued it so much that they put their moniker on it to keep it from being misplaced or claimed by another. 

Did I mention that I love history??

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